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What Are Short Term Plans?

From time to time individuals find themselves facing a gap in health insurance coverage. Short term plans provide a temporary solution. Typically plans provide coverage for up to 6 months, although some plans provide coverage longer.

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Benefits of Shopping Around

By comparing quotes from multiple providers you can be confident that you have found the plan that is right for you. Plan premium is only one factor to consider when shopping around. Plan benefits and convenience should also be considered when evaluating value.

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Do I Need Health Insurance?

Costs associated with health care have increased steadily over the past several years. Those individuals living without health insurance are exposed to significant financial risks if they become sick or get injured. The costs of relatively minor treatments (broken bones, etc.) can add up quickly.

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Why short term plans?

Being without health insurance, even for a short period, can be very risky. You’d be risking your body and financial future if an unexpected injury were to occur while without coverage. Short-term plans can provide catastrophe coverage while you’re looking for a longer term plan. Short-term plans are meant to be that stop-gap to provide temporary coverage in case disaster strikes.

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Adventurous Young Adults

Young adults are very likely to be at a crossroads in their life. Graduating from college, looking for work, or just being too old to be covered under your parents insurance can all cause you to lose health insurance coverage so make sure you have a safety net in place. Young adults are prone to seek adventure whether it be moving to a new city, searching for a new line of work, or picking up a new hobby like hiking. During this time, anything can happen and it’s best to be prepared.

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