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Do I need Health Insurance?

This is the question everyone asks themselves when they don’t have insurance. Being without insurance is taking a risk you don’t need to take. If you’re without insurance for a short period, short-term plans are the perfect temporary solution for you. Short-term plans are the stop-gap coverage usually between two long-term major medical health plans.

Short-term plans are not right for everyone. Generally if you’re currently covered by a major medical health plan, short-term plans will probably not be right for you.

Short-term plans are best for people that are:

Recent Immigrants
– Being in America without health insurance can be a risky choice so recent immigrants should decide to get a short-term plan while they are waiting to receive some form of government-sponsored health insurance.

Recent College Graduates
– Recent graduates will no longer be covered by their student insurance policy and they will need insurance while unemployed or waiting for a job to begin.

Dependents No Longer Covered Under Their Parents Insurance
– Dependents that are 26 or older can’t legally be covered by their parents’ health insurance and these people will need temporary coverage before a more permanent solution.

People In Between Jobs
– Individuals that are unemployed and waiting to begin their new job may be without health insurance. Even if this period is short, unforeseen events can occur at any time and being prepared would be the best decision.

People Who Missed the ObamaCare Open Enrollment
– People can only enroll in ObamaCare during 3 months out of the year (Nov 1 – Jan 31) and if you miss that period, due to the regulations of ObamaCare, you can no longer enroll in Short-Term Plans until the Open Enrollment period for the following year. Until the next Open Enrollment period, individuals can only sign up for temporary short-term plans.

Early Retirees
– Early retirees waiting for their Short-Term Plans coverage to begin should consider getting short-term insurance.