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The Benefits of Shopping Around

Short term health plans are a little confusing to learn about due to the new healthcare acts; The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) (Obamacare). Shopping around will help you to learn more about the insurance industry and the difference between short term plans and the major medical plans under Obamacare.


Save money on your health insurance plan

Short term plans are usually much cheaper than major medical plans in regards to the plan premium Short term health coverage on average cost $110 a month while major medical plans cost on average $286 a month.


No Application Fee

Other companies may charge an application fee but we don’t have an application fee. We will also do most of the heavy lifting to get you the best plan.


Make a more knowledgeable decision

Knowledge will empower you to make the best decision for your situation. Short term plans may be much cheaper but they may still not be the best coverage for you depending on your current situation. Make sure you know what’s best for you.


Get the most extensive coverage

Short-term plans have a lot of variation in terms of the coverage they provide. Some plans may cover preventative services while others don’t so make sure you know the extent of your coverage or you may be shocked with a hefty doctor’s bill.


A better understanding of what you’re buying

With all these new laws and regulations, it’s hard to keep up with what is what. Make sure you understand that short-term health insurance plans and major medical plans are very different things. Short-term plans are for people who strictly need the insurance because it doesn’t qualify as ACA/Obamacare so you may still have to pay for the penalty for being without insurance.